Saturday, 21 December 2013

I'm baaaack!!


Here are a few photos from my trip to Hong Kong. I didn't really take many shots so here are the best bits :) Enjoy

The first thing I ate in HK and it only cost HKD$10

Disney Christmas tree at Harbour City

View of Hong Kong island

Liquid nitrogen made ice cream

Christmas cupcakes

Disney Land

At the Peak
Wonton mee - only HKD$24!

Can't miss out on Laduree

Final cake stop at the airport

I also caught the ferry across to Macau and spent one night there. I saw this amazing show call The House of Dancing Water which was incredible (the main cause of going to Macau).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed a peak into my HK trip. I've been busy preparing for Christmas but hopefully i'll have another post up in a few days.

xx Kat