Wednesday, 26 February 2014


So I really wanted to take some nice pictures but I'm too excited to share this so my instagram photo will have to do for now.

Any girl who grew up in the 90's should recognise this box. My mum found a sealed PollyPocket of mine from when I was a child. Polly Pocket was the best toy I had growing up and they just don't make them like this anymore. For those who don't know, Polly Pocket was a doll that was so small you could literally keep her in your pocket. They came with various themed compacts which you could keep Polly in and play with. This one was given to me as a gift when I was little and I think I must have already had this one, so never opened it. I can't decide whether to open it. haha I'm definitely going to keep it and save it for my future kids! Now I want mum to dig up my old Polly Pockets! and maybe my Archie comics if we still have them!

What childhood toy did you love to play with that is just not made the same in the 21st century?

xx Kat

Sunday, 23 February 2014

O-Day ?

Although I have been at uni for four weeks already, normal semester doesn't start til tomorrow. Last Friday, we had a couple hours free so a few friends and I decided to make the trip to main campus and join in the O-Day festivities. Even though I feel a bit old going to O-day, I was keen to grab some freebies and although I was a little disappointed, I did manage to collect a few cans of ice tea.

After I instagrammed this, I actually went back and got more! haha It wasn't all for me okay!
Other free stuff they were giving out were Red Bull, mini recycling rubbish bins, frisbees, calendars, diaries, snacks etc.

xx Kat

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Let's do this!

I bought these shoes while I was in HK three months ago and until today they had never been worn. Shows how much I exercise! With a day off from uni tomorrow (I know, what a surprise!), I decided today would be a good day to start exercising (that way I have a whole day to recover from sore muscles and aches and pains). I went to a body combat class at my local gym and worked up a sweet. I always think that buying new gym gear (ie. shoes) will motivate me to exercise and become more fit...let's see how long this will last.

xx Kat

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snail mail

Whenever friends travel overseas I like to ask them to send me a postcard. I love hearing from them and learning about the adventures and travels they experience. I have started a collection of postcards on my mirror in my bedroom and it just reminds me of how traveling can bring so much joy. Since I'm back into the full swing of uni now, I often daydream about where i'm going to visit next and longing for holidays so I can travel. Top of my list right now is Tokyo, Rome and NYC (in no particular order) (but this can easily change tomorrow!)

xx Kat

Sunday, 9 February 2014


I went to the opening of the International Arts Festival in my local city tonight to watch a performance mixed with fireworks, music and lighting. None of my friends or I understood the story line, we were just there for the fireworks!

Back to uni tomorrow *sigh

xx Kat
ps so far all photos have been from my Samsung galaxy S4, so the quality hasn't been the best. Maybe one day i'll bring out the proper camera, phone is just so easy!

Thursday, 6 February 2014


I know, another food post. It's the only interesting thing going on in my life right now, apart from uni. A bit sad, but I do enjoy some good food!

xx Kat
ps FRIDAY tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

CNY 2014

Uni has been crazy busy for me so i've been so exhausted when I get home that I haven't even been able to get photos up. I'm already seeing patients and doing restorations and giving LA!

The past week it has been Chinese New Year and we've had a couple family meals. One of my highlights is tossing Yee sang because we only ever eat it during CNY. It's fun, it's messy and it tastes really good!

taken from my instagram

xx Kat

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Korea night

It's my dad's birthday this week and since he loves to eat Korean food, we decided to try a new (new to us) restaurant. The food here was amazing, the staff were friendly and it was so affordable- we'll definitely be coming back again! We then went to the korean supermarket to buy icecream and snacks. We love the watermelon icecream.

taken from my instagram account

xx Kat