Sunday, 27 July 2014

bellabox | July 2014

It seemed like a small bellabox this month as all my samples were tiny. I was a bit disappointed with some products but others I was excited about. I'm not much of a soap bar kinda girl and much prefer using bath gels and liquid bath soaps so I guess this Urban Rituelle soap will be going in my cabinet for now. I'm excited to try the Anastasia Lash top coat and the OPI nail polish is definitely something i'll be wearing.

Inside my box:
Nicole by OPI | Nail lacquer in Carrie'd Away 15ml (15ml RRP $12.95)
Anastasia | Lash Genius Clear waterproof Topcoat 3.2g (5.3g RRP $39)
Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin cream 3ml (70g RRP $34.95)
Designer Brands | Lip Butter in Coconut 10ml (10ml RRP $4.99)
Bonus: Mary Kay | Botanical effects Mask 3g (113g RRP $37)

I'm hoping next month I will get some decent makeup products like eye shadows or lip products or even some nice hand creams. I don't think i'm going to continue this subscription for much longer because, to be honest, i'm not using many of the samples I get so they are just accumulating in my cupboard. It is fun receiving a package each month though :p

xx Kat

Sunday, 20 July 2014

diy | Book Clutch

I first came across this idea when I spotted the Kate Spade Book Clutches online. However, at $300+, it was no price I was going to pay (especially since I don't even read books!). So, as you do, I ventured online. Several blogs including Le Fanciulle and Runway DIY had tried the diy book clutch, and it was here that I grabbed my inspiration.

My best friend from high school loves books, novels, the classics, so I thought this would be a perfect give for her. Before I thought of making this for her, I mentioned the idea to her and she seemed displeased about the idea of cutting up a book (little does she know, i've ruined her favourite book too!). I did it anyway and i'm quite happy with the result.

Here is my process, but as you can see by a search online, there are numerous methods out there. Give it a go!

Equipment you will need
A hardcover novel (I got mine from a secondhand bookshop) | Clasp (from your local hardware store) | Gold paint | 
| paint brush | Mod Podge (or any sealant glue) | Stanley knife | pencil and ruler

1. Separate the pages where you want the clutch to open
Seal all the pages together with a few thin layers of sealer
Place clutch in between two heavy books to ensure it dries flat

2. On the open page, mark a 2cm border all around. This is where you will cut

3. Slowly cut the pages away until you have reached the end

4. Seal the inside for more strength

5. Paint outer edges with gold paint for a more antique feel
6. Mark where your clasp is going to be placed

7. Glue and pin clasp in correct place

I wrote a little personal message to Sarah so it will be something she can keep forever (as a book or a clutch).

Hope you enjoyed looking at my first diy project on this blog. Hopefully in the future I can include more diys or fun little projects I do.

xx Kat

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Board Games

Yesterday I spent almost 9 hours playing board games. Most of that time we were playing Settlers of Catan but we also played a game of Ticket to Ride.

Recently my cousins and I have been getting together for an afternoon of board games. We have been trying out new games that have been discovered online through reviews, from friends or from the Board game Cafe (yes those exist!). Let me know if you have any suggestions of  board games we should try.

xx Kat

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

bellabox | June 2014

I finally received my June bellabox on the 8th of July. How bad is that?!! My July payment had even been withdrawn before I got my June box.

Inside my box:
Garnier | BB cream original in Medium 50ml (50ml RRP $13.95)
Designer Brands | Nail Polish in Vivid Pink 12ml (12 RRP $6.99)
Innoxa | Line Defy Pressed Powder in Translucent Suede 10g (10g RRP $30.95)
Herbal Essences | Nake Shine Shampoo & Conditioner 2 x 40ml (300ml RRP $6.99)
Designer Brands | Twist 'N' Go Instant Nail Polish Remover 45ml (45ml RRP $4.99)
Bonus: InStyle Australia | June edition (RRP $9.95) & Nutrimetics | Nutri-rich Nourishing Masque 5ml (75ml RRP $39.00)

Although I was extremely disappointed with the delay in receiving the box, I was quite pleased that I got 4 full sized products. DB is not a brand I have tried before, however I am curious to see how this nail polish remover works. I don't use many face products like foundation or powder, however BB creams are something i'd like to try.

Looking forward to July's box- let's hope it will be here soon!

xx Kat