Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Who am I?

Hey! So here I am! I'm a 22 year old girl wading her way through dental school, longing to eat cake and travel. I've just completed my first year of postgrad studies and honestly it has been tough. 8 and a half hours a day with a 30 minute lunch break, 5 days a week! It really takes it out of you. Only 3 more years to go! Woo....

This is going to be my creative outlet- a way I can share my baking, eating, photography and anything else that comes my way, with you. It's taken me so long to start up this blog as I've never been savvy with words but I do enjoy taking photos and sharing what I see. This is just a short initial post to introduce myself to the blogging community and let you all know that there is a lot coming your way. These holidays I already plan on making numerous cakes, travelling overseas and meeting a new puppy, so keep your eyes ready for future posts!

See you all soon,

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