Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year, new.....things to do

I know i'm a bit late to the party but after doing some thinking, i've decided to set myself some goals for the year. These are more of daily tasks which I want to make a habit. Of course I want to live healthier through eating better and being more active but I also want to do three things:
1. Read the Bible more
2. Drink a cup of milk a day (I need my calcium!)
3. Post a photo a day on this blog. I was in Kikki.K the other day and spotted a mint green 365 day journal. I've seen these before but this one really caught my eye and I was very tempted to buy it. However, i'm not big on journal writing and I can't exactly print nice photos every day and polaroid film just seems to expensive to use. So, i've decided i'm going to try and post a photo a day on this blog with a simple caption or story whether it is on my camera or just from my phone.

I'm still new to blogging so not quite sure if there is anyone out there reading these posts, but if there is, HI :) feel free to leave a comment with your goals of 2014 or ways you keep motivated during the year.
Look forward to a new photo tomorrow!!
xx Kat

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