Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snail mail

Whenever friends travel overseas I like to ask them to send me a postcard. I love hearing from them and learning about the adventures and travels they experience. I have started a collection of postcards on my mirror in my bedroom and it just reminds me of how traveling can bring so much joy. Since I'm back into the full swing of uni now, I often daydream about where i'm going to visit next and longing for holidays so I can travel. Top of my list right now is Tokyo, Rome and NYC (in no particular order) (but this can easily change tomorrow!)

xx Kat


  1. I spot a Marc Jacobs Daisy!
    I love daisy!
    Make sure to check out my blog!


    1. Marc Jacobs Daisy is amazing! I love to scatter them on my wall because they looks so pretty and smell so good!! :)