Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Let's do this!

I bought these shoes while I was in HK three months ago and until today they had never been worn. Shows how much I exercise! With a day off from uni tomorrow (I know, what a surprise!), I decided today would be a good day to start exercising (that way I have a whole day to recover from sore muscles and aches and pains). I went to a body combat class at my local gym and worked up a sweet. I always think that buying new gym gear (ie. shoes) will motivate me to exercise and become more fit...let's see how long this will last.

xx Kat


  1. Hey I just found your blog and loved your little write-up at the top saying you're 22 (me too) and your wading through life - just wanting to eat cake and travel! Brilliant. I am a travel junkie. Travel is life.

    Your blog seems really cool - I'm a new follower xxx